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  I have level 8 ends and grey roots, I want a light brown with highlights. I was going to use a 7 natural with a little 6 natural for the brown with 20 volume developer. My hair is damaged so I don't want to use bleach for the highlights. Will a level 10 natural with 20 volume lightened my grey roots?

Hi Keelie,
No this won't work. I cannot give you this kind of 'home' advise. I can only recommend you visit a salon - that's why they are there. More important than any colour is the condition of your hair. Grey hair in good condition is better than ANY colour hair in bad condition. Get the salon to get your condition back before you continue colouring.
I know this was not what you wanted to hear but that's the way it is!
The Pro Doc

  Hi doc,my grandchild is 15 months old and she had dry and coarse hair my daughters uses hair moisturizer on it daily but it seems to soak up the moisturizer is less than an hour. What can we use to keep her hair moisturized and soft and more manageable

Hi Debra,
I strongly advise using salon products. (Not sure if you are?) There is a big difference between salon and supermarket products - salon being far more superior!
Try a salon moisture shampoo with a leave in conditioner first. You can purchase a rinse out conditioner later as well if you need more moisturizing? You would first apply the normal conditioner if using both. Salons normally stock separate ranges for toddlers too! Salon conditioners need not be totally rinsed out.
If you want to know what brand I recommend, drop me another mail and let me know where you live and I will advise you accordingly.
Good luck,
The Pro Doc

  I have been dying my hair for some time. I have gray in the front and salt-npepper in the back. Because I do a face to face cutomer serivce, waiting to grow out all the color looks bad for business. Is there a way to remove the color dye or do you have a suggestion for me on how to get through this stage gracefully?

Hi Erin,
The best would be for you to visit your salon. They can remove your colour and recolour where necessary with your salt & pepper colour. It can be done in one visit and is best for an immediate change. Make sure they treat your hair during the process. If you prefer gradual change then get them to slowly introduce highlights each time you visit them for a cut. It is NOT advisable to try any procedure at home, bar leaving it to grow out. Invest in a good salon shampoo and conditioner to maintain your look. Good Luck!
The Pro Doc.

  Hi doctor , I recently had blonde highlights put in but is a bit yellow bronze my natural hair color is blonde .. Would like to find out what home remedys do u suggest i use to make it lighter??

Hi Sanchia,
There is no home remedy that would make it lighter without making your own hair lighter too and most definitely yellow. Best is to use a 'silver' shampoo obtainable from your salon but it will only help eliminate the yellow tones in your current highlights. Best would be to redo your highlights at a salon to get them lighter, regards, The Pro Doc

  Could my hairdresser be damaging/ breaking hair with blow dryer? Two yrs ago my bang area fell out or thinned out. I was worried but my hair started growing long and healthy. Now it happene again! BUT MUCH WORSE. The bang area thinned out again but my whole right side broke off 4 to 6 inces. From July until November it was really coming out. Now it is January and it appears i am not shedding as much but my hair is broken off on one side. I saw my Doctor and ahd bloodwork and they ruled out medical reason. What could be the problem? HELP

Hello Michele,
An old hairdryer could definitely be the cause of your problem. Even hairdryers in good working order easily reach temperatures of 115 degrees celsius and we already know that water boils at 100 degrees celsius. Water is simply 'boiled' out of hair to dry the hair. An old hairdryer often exceeds 115 degrees celsius. Excessive chemical treatments like coloring could also be the cause, especially blonding. One must always have an in-salon treatment before ANY chemical service is performed. Only one third of your hair at any given time, should fall out naturally. This hair will have a small white nodule attached on the end where it left the scalp and will be equal in length to the hair still on your scalp in that same area. If you are losing up to 50% of your hair in this manner, then it's abnormal hair loss, e.g. medical. If the hair is breaking off, viz.; shorter pieces than the rest of your hair in that area, then it's either chemical damage (e.g color) or mechanical.(e.g flat irons or hairdryers)
Get growing that bang!
The Pro Doc.

  Hi, I haven't had a relaxer(perm) in 8 weeks. I want to dye my hair black and add extensions. i was told that I could perm my hair and right after, do a rinse dye. can I do that to my hair?

Yes Raven, it is possible, provided you visit and take the advice of your proffessional stylist. It'll all depend also on the condition of your hair right now. as well as the length of your own hair after the procedure. Your stylist would decide by the condition of your hair when you visit, if to proceed. Never do any chemical service to your hair if you are not using proffessional hair care products, there's a reason why they are out there! Speak to you stylist and even better, start on your 'home care' proffessional products before you start with the chemicals. If your stylist does not reccomend at least 1 'insalon' treatment during this procedure then find another stylist. It does not matter how good the extensions look, if the base that they are affixed to is weak and breaking, you are wasting your money. Go well,
The Pro Doc

  hello doc,
my older sister is starting chemo, and always had long dark hair,and it is killing her to know she will be the only bald female in the family. so i told her the day before she starts we will both go and have our head shaved so she wont be alone in this about how long am i looking at being bald how long will it take for it to grow back

Hi Sarah M,
Firstly you need to let me know what type of cancer she has and what type of 'chemo' will be done? Different people react differently to different types of 'chemo' treatment. Not all people lose their hair from 'chemo.' It is not to say that she 'will' loose her hair. Wait first and see if she starts to loose her hair then you can go together for the 'shave' if her hair starts to look too 'sparse.' Great to have a sister like you for that support. What is common though is that the hair often grows back a different shade and/or texture. If you are interestd, I can reccommend a great hair care product that can do no harm and makes for the best conditions in which hair can grow. Go well and let me know,
The Pro Doc

  Hello Doc. i always had really nice curly hair, and about a year ago it started growing out straight at the roots and curly on the end. What product can i use to get my curls back, please help

Hello Celeste,
There are many reasons as to why one's hair texture changes. It is normal for one's hair texture to change throughout your lifespan. Most salons stock shampoo's and conditioners that are especially designed to enhance or bring out the curl in your hair. Together with this, styling aids too, that enhance the curl, will bring out your curl and help eliminate any frizz. Styling aids will create the most difference in enhancing your curls. Visit a salon and get their advice as to what products will be the best for your hair type.
Stay curled!
The Pro Doc

  Hi, i curently have med long hair with layers thats dyed a dark plum colour ive had my hair this way for a very long time, i want to add in highlights but dnt know what clours are best to go for i want to keep the plum as a base though i just need to liven up my hair im getting a bit bored what colour highlights do you suggest would go best with plum? or do you have any other ideas to bring more life into my hair?

Hello Sonia,
As you have been colouring your hair this way for a very long time, the colour will be very difficult to remove, if not impossible, especially if you have been colouring your hair yourself. What I suggest is that you highlight your hair and try get those highlights as light as possible. The result will be an an awfull colour but if you then colour with that plum all over all your hair as normal then your hair would have lighter streaks of plum between the normal/darker plum colour. This will make your hair colour interesting with lighter and darker tones. Please visit a reputable salon and invest in a salon shampoo,conditioner and have a treatment done in the salon too! Good luck!
The Pro Doc.

  hi, I need some advice on which products to use for straightening my hair with a flat iron.I have curly frizzy hair and I'm currently using Loreal Proffesional, but it's not working as well as I'd like.should I use paul Mitchell?

Hi Yolandi,
Remember that water boils at 100 degrees celcius. Hairdryers are around 115 degrees celcius and flat irons from 200 degrees celcius up, around 230 degrees is normal for most. So we are boiling the water out of the hair. Although it is easy to pull and break a hair, imagine the torture hair goes through each day when styling. L'oreal Proffessionel products are excellent. Let me know which one you are using but if I do not hear from you again, rather flat iron your hair less frequent and invest in a treatment too!
Good luck.
The Pro Doc.

  hi i have long strawberry blonde hair and i was wondering what color highlights should i put in?? blonde??

Hi Lejla,
Depending on your interpretation of strawberry blonde, it is difficult to advise without seeing your actual hair colour. Another factor to consider is your skin tone and eye colour to determine if you are a cool or warm tone. If you are very blonde as you say, normally a darker colour of highlights makes for a good change and looks cool.
Good luck,
The Pro Doc.

  I am 16 and my hair is a trifle longer than my shoulders (it curently has layers, which make no difference to the look of my hair), and it is very wavy (to the point where it looks as if I NEVER brush my hair) It's so... annoying... I can't do much with it... I think I need hair to frame my face... And a hairdresser I went to said I would look weird with bangs (I didn't say anything as I thought she should know what she was talking about) I am just plain tired of having this messy mop of hair... do you have any advice? if I were to go to the hairdressers again what should I do?
(Is straightening your hair permanantly bad for your hair?)

Hi Breeze,
The problem with naturally curly/wavy hair is that usually the wave pattern around the head is uneven viz; curls may be directed towards the front on the one side and towards the back on the otherside. This makes for difficult handling of a hairstyle. Two solutions. Either have your hairstylist perm your hair with larger curls than you have. This will give you ease of managebility and an even curl pattern throughout. This also works with your curl instead of fighting it, Or, have your hair relaxed to soften the curls to get a more straightened look. Never have your hair straightened as this is too damaging for your hair. Remember, only use salon home-care products after any chemical service.
The Pro Doc.

  Good morning Doctor. Im a beauty salon owner and whas always so considerate towards my hair looks. i have natural blond hair and have colour it black about twise over the last 4months. I have puten extentions in my hair and my hard is broken because i wouuld like to go back to blond again. How can I do this without damaging my hair. They are very brittle already. I also do not whant to spend to much money as I have to do with the budged that i have. Please help me Im realy hardbroken and would like my husband to complement me again on my blond hair.
please have a fabulas day and thank you for taking the time in ready this.

Good day Elaine,
Your road to blonde hair must be done in the following order and to your budget.
1) If you haven't - invest in a salon shampoo, conditioner & treatment. Only salon products can correct the hair condition. Make sure they are protein products. You need to have great hair before you can do great colour!
2) Visit the salon at least twice in one month,before you try any colour again, for IN-SALON treatments. Protein based.
3) Start colouring again, phase out the black with highlights. As many visits to the salon as required. It's better than damaging all your hair at once.
Remember to always ask for a treatment in the salon BEFORE every colour service done.
Prevention is better than cure!!! Good luck!

The Pro Doc.

P.S. Let me know how it's going.

  I have naturally blonde hair but have dyed it black for over 1 and a half years. Tomorrow I am going to the salon to make it blonde again. What products can I use afterwards to make it healthy again.

Hi Chantel,
More importantly make sure your stylist uses a couple of in-salon treatments during this process to build up your hair to it's strongest. Be ready for a long appointment, this process may have to be repeated to remove the black pigments in your hair. The longer your hair takes to go blond the better it is for the condition of your hair. Use the best product range your salon has to offer. Ask your stylist for a take home shampoo, conditioner, treatment and heat protectant styling aid.
Enjoy your new look!

  I have a big problem!!! Over the years i have dyed my hair ALOT!!! recently i dyed it and the color didnt take to my hair and i ended up dying it 3 times in one week. now its so dry and brittle! if i brush it, it justs breaks and alot of it falls out. i also have to use a straightening iron everyday else i look like dolly parton on a bad day! please help, ive tried everything! what can i do?

Hi Nicci,
I think for a start you need a good hairdresser! Continuous chemical services break down the internal structure in one's hair making it weaker after each chemical and this also leads to colour not holding/taking. You'll have to re-build the protein in your hair before considering ANY further chemical treatments. Only a professional salon can help you with this. Salon only home care products are also a must. If your'e in our area, pop in for a free quote, we can fix your problem and give you your hair back!


Hi Denver,
The best will be for you to pop into either of our branches, we do not charge for a consultation and no appointment is nesessary. We have great products for thinning hair and although there is no cure for baldness(don't let anyone try tell you otherwise) we can at lease prevent further progression of your problem and hopefully show a 10% inprovement. There are 6 causes of hair loss and we treat them all. It's true that by your dad being bald does'nt mean that you will be too! Pop in, we'd be glad to assist. Have a good day.
The Pro Doc.

  My hair splits all the time, even soon after a cut. What can I do?

You'll have to visit us. Depending on your hair type and chemical condition it seems your hair is lacking either some type of protein and/or moisture.

  Doc, my daughter came home from school with lice in her hair yet again! How can we get the lice out of her hair? I permanently wash her hair with lice shampoo but it does'nt seem to help. We are a very CLEAN family!

Lice are very,very clean creatures.They only like clean hair. Shampoo her hair less often, viz.once a week, failing which we can give her an in salon treatment to rid her hair of lice. Lice are more likely to be found on girls as girls have closer physical contact with one another than boys do!

  How fast does my hair grow? I'm getting married in November and I want my hair as long as possible.

Hair grows at 10mm (1cm) per month on average. Slow growing will be 8-9mm and fast would be 11-12mm.

  Hello Doc. I have short hair. Please tell me how often I should have it cut? I seem to visit a salon more often than my friends.

Short hair needs to be cut every 4-6 weeks. Chances are your friends all have long hair?


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