Welcome to our ‘rewards’ programme. ‘Rewards’ was designed to reward YOU for Professional Hair Dressing Retail purchases in our salons. You can also be rewarded with a discount for hair colouring.

  1. You will have to complete a client record card. This helps us to keep a record of all your purchases for verification purposes and for YOUR benefit as well as ours.
  2. Our ‘Rewards’ card must be kept by yourself and be presented to be stamped for each purchase. ( hair care products only)
  3. Do not lose your ‘Rewards’ card! If you lose your ‘Rewards’ card you will be re – issued with a new one and will have to start over.
  4. Should you leave your ‘Rewards’ card at home, we will gladly update it for you next time.
  5. You need to produce your ‘Rewards’ card to claim your Free products.
  6. Each person must be issued with their Own ‘Rewards’ card.
  7. Should products from more than one range of products be purchased by the same client then the Free shampoo & conditioner will be calculated pro – rata to the amount of products purchased from each supplier.
  8. The stylist and management will decide what Free products will be given to the client.
  9. Only Shampoo & Conditioner will be given Free.
  10. The value of the ‘Free products’ are based on the value of
    standard priced shampoo’s and conditioners only.
Make a Professional Hair Dressing Retail purchase from Proline Hair Design today, and start earning your Reward!
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